Shuchuan Liu is a 32 years old photographer from China, based in Japan. He has just won the VIPA Photo Competition in the architecture category and is entitled to bear the title of Architecture Photographer of the Year 2021.


Otemachi skyscrapers No.2 by Shuchuan Liu
Located at the Otemachi area of Tokyo. The buildings in the Otemachi area have very beautiful colors. The gradient of color and light can well express the characteristics of the architecture of this area. © Shuchuan Liu

He mainly shots architecture and urbanscape pictures. In his opinion, it is easy for people to empathize with the beauty of an urban landscape, but it is not easy to find the beauty of the architecture around them. He hopes to show the characteristics of these buildings with multi-level luminosity and color. For him, architecture is the most creative thing of human civilization, and it can be the best reflection of the imprint of history and times.

The photos in the winning series and his color works in General were taken in Tokyo and surrounding areas. Ever since Shuchuan Liu started architecture photography, he has been thinking about how to reflect the unique beauty of the city through photos.

Generally speaking, the character of a metropolis is mainly commercial and functional, so people rarely experience art and beauty in it. That’s because the beauty that people usually understand is biased towards nature or people. The beauty hidden in the city is space, mathematics, geometric and spectacular.

By abstracting the elements of geometry, mathematics, and space in urban architecture, we can arouse people’s natural intellectual aesthetics to a great extent. “The vision of my urban landscape photography is to express a deeper level of intellectual and sensory beauty that is different from the beauty of the natural landscape.” 

Cover Photo: Towards civilization by Shuchuan Liu: Located at the Shinbashi area of Tokyo. The train shuttles between the tall buildings, reflecting a kind of near-future feeling. © Shuchuan Liu

Color reflects the characteristics of an architectural landscape by Shuchuan Liu

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