POLDRA – Public Sculpture Project Viseu promotes site-specific contemporary public art/art in Public Space. POLDRA seeks works that propose new interpretation of the sites and spaces as well as encourage interaction between the viewer and the sites themselves. Through this dynamic, the works of art aspire to initiate connections that exist beyond the primary act of looking.

Launched in 2018, POLDRA has enriched the city of Viseu with an open-air public art route within a historic, urban Woods setting. With each annual edition grows a collection of long-term temporary interventions, maintained for periods of approximately two years, ensuring overlapping links between the new proposals and previous installations of each year, allowing for dialogue upon premise, sentiment, authorship and aesthetics.

Through an international Open Call with a significant focus on sculpture, POLDRA encourages proposals that both complement the existing collection as well as embody diverse views upon the public space(s) that are pre-selected for the Project.

Proposals submitted to this Open Call must be designed specifically for the Mata do Fontelo (Viseu, Portugal), and should reflect on the subject of Art in Public Space and be, themselves, a reflection of the focus and oeuvre of the creator (individual or collective) responsible for the proposal.

For the proposal submission to be considered, please fill the form here and attach a .pdf file with no more than 20 pages and 10 MB, must be sent.

The file itself must be titled as follows: author_worktitle

The information that must be contained in the file is:
• Author identification and title of the work that is proposed – even if provisional;
• Description of the proposed work (up to 300 words);
• Description of the process: creation, construction, assembling, technical and logistical requirements, etc. (up to 300 words);
• Max. 5 Images – and/or links for video, sounds, etc. – regarding the proposal (drawings, models, photo-montage, etc.);
• Budget estimate and chronogram regarding the creation/installation;
• Max. 10 Images: Portfolio (eventually with links, etc.);
• Bio/CV that allows for an understanding of the author’s career (up to 300 words).

For the 2021 Edition, the Jury will be composed by a member of POLDRA’s Organizing Committee (João Dias, POLDRA’s Artistic Director), one member in representation of the Municipality of Viseu, three reputed personalities with experience and merit in the field of contemporary creation (Emília Ferreira, Director of the Portuguese National Museum of Contemporary Art; Stella Ioannou, Co-Director of the festival “Sculpture in the City”; Ana Vasconcelos, Curator at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation), and one artist present at a previous edition of POLDRA (Rui Sanches, Visual Artist).

Deadline: 2nd May 2021
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