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© Robin Yong

With Robin Yong in Cuba

Robin Yong is a multi-award-winning Travel and Commercial Photographer, trained by acclaimed American photographer Jim Zuckerman, the world-famous Venetian Masks Florine House and Danielle Massart, and legendary Hollywood photographer Greg Gorman. He enjoys traveling to exotic destinations to befriend and photograph the locals. He is best known for his fairy…

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Vicky Martin

(great) Expectations by Vicky Martin

(great) Expectations is a series of portrait and still life photographs which explore ideas of conformity to the stereotypical, individual and societal expectations of femininity as well as the portrayal of roles typically perceived as female. Each portrait is succeeded by a correlating still life photograph to further symbolise the…

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Ibrahim Nabeel

Architecture Photographer Ibrahim Nabeel

No one understands the simplicity and complexity of this life better than Ibrahim Nabeel. Living in Jordan, where individual life seems simple but constrained in an intricate society, Nabeel knows how to walk the fine line in life also in photography. Unlike western photographers, who enjoy great freedom in art, he and…

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Ligin Lee

I see colorful dreams by Ligin Lee

They are surreal. Yes. Because they come from the dreams of this interesting Taiwanese artist – Ligin Lee. And those dreams reflect her feelings, her emotions, her subjective experience of life. For a picture, she uses several photos of her own and blends them with multiple manipulation/montage techniques to achieve…

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Series Ghost by Ruth Penn

COVID-19: Living in an alternate, surreal, unimaginable, incomprehensible World

Ruth Penn was born and is living in Israel. Until the day she retired from directing the Division of Special Education in the Israeli Ministry of Education, she defined herself as a Professional in that field, caring for the well being, pedagogy, organization and budgeting for children (ages…

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Cinderella by Marcel van Balken

Marcel van Balken and his Animals in Lost Places

The series of animals by Marcel van Balken in lost places is a conceptual serie of old, derelict and no longer inhabited buildings with a rich history. Characteristic, abandoned locations all photographic sets where the ‘lost memories’ of the former residents, symbolized by an animal, have been recreated and photographed again….

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Ahmad Kaddourah, Photo by Av Skit

Talking to Architecture Photographer Ahmad Kaddourah

Ahmad Kaddourah is an Abu Dhabi-based photographer from Palestine. His interest has originally emerged from an architectural background as he studied architectural design. Later through developing his study with the passion for photography, he began his journey in 2019 by focusing on capturing architectural scenes using photography’s fine art concepts to…

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Series “We are not Mingi” by Donell Gumiran

Killing Innocents – The Story of Mingi Children

Most of us would not believe that healthy children are being killed by their own community, for implausible reasons. But it is the reality in some parts of the world. Like the Mingi tribal killing practice of infants and newborns in the Omo Valley of southwest Ethiopia. What are the…

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Bruno Ganz by Kanella Tragousti

Kanella Tragousti – Artist & Photographer

Kanella (Nelly) Tragousti was born in Amalias Greece, in 1959. 1976 – 1980 She studied philology at Athens University. 1980 – 1983 “Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes“ of the Sorbonne University (Diploma about the relation between text and image in photography, cinema and painting). 1985 She attended the painting workshop…

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Fireplace by Martina Singer

In the fairytale-like, fantastic and mystical worlds of Martina Singer

“10 seconds self-timer – that’s how much time I have to position myself in my “black box”, which I built especially for the recordings in my studio. Blurriness is wanted.” Martina Singer’s photographs are characterized by high liveliness and lightness. Fabric – costume / everyday clothes, space – stage /…

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