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The diggers by Bernd Wiedemann

Bernd Wiedemann – Master of Etching

Most of the time, a story is best told only in a specific medium; and a medium always finds its master. Etching is a graphic intaglio printing process of artistic printmaking. And Bernd Wiedemann is a master of it. He is at home at the interface between text and image, free and…

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Series Low waiting in Life - The title decides a feeling of being powerless by Ralf Opiol

Ralf Opiol: Low waiting in Life

The title “Low waiting in Life” conveys a feeling of being powerless. Ralf Opiol has noticed that people are waiting. And in different situations. Many do this very patiently, but often not. Sometimes with good hope, sometimes in preparation for the worst. Very often very gratifying. For the visit, for a nice…

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Soul transmission by Susanne Kotrus (Transfer Lithography)

Soul Transmission, Transfer Lithography by Susanne Kotrus

Nothing is entirely new. From the beginning of the universe, things have been copying each other, developing from each other, carrying information of each other through space and time. The light from a faraway star. A drop in the Atlantic Ocean. The bits of our emails through the Internet. Our…

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mostra marcello dudovich

The works of Marcello Dudovich on display at the Palazzo dell’ Aeronautica in Rome

Exhibition’s information Duration: 7 maggio – 11 luglio Visiting time & days: Sat & Sun from 09:00 to 18:00 Entrance: Viale Pretoriano n.18 (closed to Stazione Termini) Inaugurated today in Rome, in the Palazzo dell’ Aeronautica, the exhibition “Marcello Dudovich at the time of the Aeronautical commission: 1920-1940” which will…

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milano cortina winter olympics emblem design

Official Emblem of Olympic Winter Games Milano Cortina 2026

About 75% of the public votes in favour of «Futura» design! Milano (RWH) The Organising Committee for Milano Cortina 2026 officially revealed the emblem for this Winter Games edition. This followed a global public vote held between 7 and 25 March 2021, launched to select one of two emblem designs….

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