Author: Thanh Tung

Thanh Tung is a journalist and PR agent from Hanoi / Vietnam.

Ligin Lee

I see colorful dreams by Ligin Lee

They are surreal. Yes. Because they come from the dreams of this interesting Taiwanese artist – Ligin Lee. And those dreams reflect her feelings, her emotions, her subjective experience of life. For a picture, she uses several photos of her own and blends them with multiple manipulation/montage techniques to achieve…

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Series “We are not Mingi” by Donell Gumiran

Killing Innocents – The Story of Mingi Children

Most of us would not believe that healthy children are being killed by their own community, for implausible reasons. But it is the reality in some parts of the world. Like the Mingi tribal killing practice of infants and newborns in the Omo Valley of southwest Ethiopia. What are the…

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The diggers by Bernd Wiedemann

Bernd Wiedemann – Master of Etching

Most of the time, a story is best told only in a specific medium; and a medium always finds its master. Etching is a graphic intaglio printing process of artistic printmaking. And Bernd Wiedemann is a master of it. He is at home at the interface between text and image, free and…

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Series Low waiting in Life - The title decides a feeling of being powerless by Ralf Opiol

Ralf Opiol: Low waiting in Life

The title “Low waiting in Life” conveys a feeling of being powerless. Ralf Opiol has noticed that people are waiting. And in different situations. Many do this very patiently, but often not. Sometimes with good hope, sometimes in preparation for the worst. Very often very gratifying. For the visit, for a nice…

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By Juan Dios Lopez Sepúlveda

PopArt by Juan Dios Lopez Sepúlveda

Juan Dios Lopez Sepúlveda considers himself a designer of images, vocational and self-taught, taking as the main theme of his work the exploration of perception, the organization of visual elements, abstraction, modes of commercial reproduction and in general the themes of popular culture. In his work we can find images…

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Geology by Aart Verrips

Geology – A project by Fashion Photographer Aart Verrips

Johannesburg-based photographer, Aart Verrips has captured the attention of the South African fashion scene, while making a global and digital impact. “I want to step outside of the conforms of identity, race, and sex,” Verrips says. He is showcasing the authenticity of South Africans. Aart Verrips is not afraid of…

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Paolo Naldi, Human Border 2015, olio su lino, cm. 140x112

Human Border – Paintings by Paolo Naldi

Paolo Naldi areas of interest are the visual arts and, above all, painting. After a long independent artistic activity in the European underground scene, he appears in conventional exhibition spaces in Italy and abroad (galleries, museums, international fairs and institutional spaces). He lives and works in Naples. He uses many…

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Soul transmission by Susanne Kotrus (Transfer Lithography)

Soul Transmission, Transfer Lithography by Susanne Kotrus

Nothing is entirely new. From the beginning of the universe, things have been copying each other, developing from each other, carrying information of each other through space and time. The light from a faraway star. A drop in the Atlantic Ocean. The bits of our emails through the Internet. Our…

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By the roadside Munich Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena, Soccer Stadium of FC Bayern during the Corona Lockdown

A sunny day in February 2021 and a cloudy day (Easter Sunday 2021) during the Corona Lockdown in front of the Munich Allianz Arena, soccer stadium of FC Bayern Munich with 75,021 seats. It was the venue for the 2006 Soccer World Cup. Where tourists and fans usually bustle about, craftsmen…

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